Sunday, October 7, 2012

Monetary Artforms

Monetary Artforms Ep is out now including your new favorite song "Lady be Gone" and the banned from tv "Blind Bluff." You can also download the whole ep for free or name your own price on our bandcamp link here -----> BANDCAMP LINK CLICK CLICK. So sit back in a stolen car and hit the pedal for an audio joyride!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Two Videos featuring our song "Lady Be Gone" of the upcoming Monetary Artforms Album. So burn off those calories for the beach with a little Mandrake Mechanism Aerobic Plan!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Boycott the White Hip Hop

 Boycott the White Hip Hop! Mandrake has taken a stand against white hip hop and has decided to to something about it. Join us and follow our twitter campaign at @MechanismBand or hash tagging #BoycottTheWhiteHipHop or #BTWHH.

May 15th we are pleased to announce we are playing with our friends You Scream I Scream and Mercies at local new haven hotspot Cafe Nine. It may be a tuesday but this show is not to be missed. See you at Cafe nine 21 plus 5 dollar cover

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Conversation with Rook by Rook of Mandrake Mechanism

Q: What is the Current Line-up of your band?

A: Mandrake Mechanism is now made up of Chris Anander on Bass, Mike Macbeth on Drums, Anthony Volpe on Guitar, and Myself on Guitar and Vox. Our original guitarist left for a life of penny stock trading (We’ve been trying to gain the crowd sympathy though. With rumors of his death by various freak accidents)

Q: How would you describe Mandrake Mechanism?

A: Mandrake Mechanism is really different than any other project I’ve played in before we all come from different musical worlds and together make something that I don’t think has been described yet. It’s one of those ask 100 people and you get 100 different answers type to scenario’s. I like to call it ambitious noise super hype funk party music. Nobody has adopted that moniker yet.

Q: We’ve heard some tales about your love of performance art?

A: The way I see it you go to a show to see a show. I like my musicians a little crazy and on edge. I’ve gotten flack from a bunch of music insiders from playing in my underwear or woman’s clothes on certain occasions. When you start limiting what can happen on stage you aren’t an artist anymore. I’ve just learned to not tell the band what I’m planning because they will try and talk me out of it. Still working on convincing them that these crazy ideas I have are really important to our live show. I’ve had to take down my strobe light wall before due to the fear of causing a crowd wide epilepsy attack. Which would be more than I could wish for.

Q: Your songs seem to range from political to romantically inclined to outright nonsense. How do you tie it all together?

A: Most of our songs we’re written and my lyrics hadn’t been added in yet. I would just freestyle lyrics derived from how the song made me feel. I am really seriously into politics but find that people just try and convince you of joining one side or the other without stating facts and letting people decided. Same with relationships. The hardest thing to really ever understand is how another person thinks. As for nonsense songs they usually mean something but I code it for myself so nobody understands what I’m actually talking about. It’s sort of like a self-help therapy session in front of a bunch of strangers a every time we play. It’s refreshing being looked at funny.

Q: Why did you interview yourself?

A: Why wouldn’t I. I’ll never ask a bad question.

Monday, April 2, 2012

WE ARE BACK IN HARTFORD RAGING WITH PUSHMETHOD AND CASTLE. April 27th at Sully's Pub. Won't you come down and join us. Tri-State Triple Treat..... Now that is a show flyer. - ROOK

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ramblings of Rook

“We are hard to explain and you probably won’t get us” – Myself to a Booker on the Phone.  Why is it so necessary to describe what other acts we sound like to bookers, clubs, or media outlets? Has the whole entertainment industry really just crumbled into a fiscal marketing system unable to take chances? We are in an economical downturn. Should all the owners pull the drawstrings and tighten the budgets of all the clubs and venues? Art will always thrive but live venues will slowly crumble in the wake of people craving more than just cover bands and regurgitated jam bands. Some of you may not agree with this but that’s why we all have opinions. I promise that Mandrake Mechanism will always take chances with our art and continue the band to mix styles that haven’t been used together before. As far as how we sound. I couldn’t tell you we are ourselves and this is the music we make. -- Ramblings of Rook